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Zeilen maart 2014

Het beursseizoen draait op volle toeren. Na London, Dusseldorf, Leeuwarden en Gent is het nu de beurt aan de Amsterdam Boat Show, beter bekend als de HISWA. In deze editie van Zeilen een korte preview met speciale aandacht voor het prominente Daysailer paviljoen in Hal 1, de nominatie van de Essence 33 en de verkiezing van HISWA Zeilboot van het Jaar 2014 en ... met de Essence 33 op het voorblad!

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Essence 33

The Essence 33 was designed as a daysailer, but is also a seaworthy yacht. One sails the Essence 33 in the company of good friends. A day on the water, surrounded by freedom and luxury, with a nice glass of wine and a well-filled cool box. Both the interior as well as the deck will give you plenty of space for these purposes ...

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As you sail into port, all heads turn. Everyone holds their breath. What a jewel, what a yacht. That austere interplay of lines with such an eye for detail. Everything about this yacht is pure custom-made, designed with style. Such timeless class.

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Being a succesful entrepeneur, Michel Hof was and still is always creating. Driven by his urge for perfection and with a sharp eye for quality, he know how to disinguish himself in the market. By building the Essence range, he has done it again. Yachts of Classic beauty with all the modern sailing qualities ...

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