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Yacht Capital 2014

L'essenza della vela giornaliera - De essentie van het dagzeilen

De Essence 33, een boot van Nederlandse makelij die aantrekkelijk is voor liefhebbers van zowel sportiviteit en high-tech design als van een fraaie, klassieke lijn.

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essence vision


Being a succesful entrepeneur, Michel Hof was and still is always creating. Driven by his urge for perfection and with a sharp eye for quality, he know how to disinguish himself in the market. By building the Essence range, he has done it again. Yachts of Classic beauty with all the modern sailing qualities ...

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essence involved scheepvaart museum


Essence Yachts feels strongly about sustainable entrepreneurship. For Essence Yachts, this means that “all business decisions are aimed at both achieving a higher yield, as well as making good use of all opportunities we come across to support a better environment and a higher well-being for our employees and ...

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essence about us yard


In Koudekerk aan den Rijn, in the community Kaag&Braassem (county Zuid-Holland), Essence Yachts owns several excellent facilities to enable the build of its beautiful daysailers. With a large and modern industrial building of 900 m2, the yard still also preserves the rich history of the county ...

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essence pilot cutter

Pilot Cutter

The pilot cutter developed from the need for a fast boat to take the maritime pilots from the harbour to the incoming large trading vessels and guide them safely into port. Most early pilots were local fisherman who were licensed by the harbour to operate within their jurisdiction. Pilots were generally selfemployed ...

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