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Winnaar HISWA 2014

Winnaar HISWA 2014

De start van de HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show 2014 kon voor het Essence Yachts beursteam niet meer stuk! Een vakjury bestaand uit prominente vertegenwoordigers van de Nederlandse watersport, verkoos de Essence 33 tot HISWA Zeilboot van het Jaar 2014!

Ten overstaande van een groot publiek en van de verzamelde pers reikte juryvoorzitter Hugo van Wieringen, tevens eigenaar van jachtontwerpburo Azure Naval Architects, de prijs uit. Ondermeer in het juryrapport: “Een absolute kwaliteitsboot van Nederlandse bodem. Prachtig afgewerkt en met een goede zit in de kuip, waardoor het een genot is om mee te varen. Uitstekende aandrijving op basis van een elektromotor. Een geweldig mooie boot ook om te zien”.

De andere genomineerde boten waren de Winner 9.00 en de Contest 42.

essence 33

Essence 33

The Essence 33 was designed as a daysailer, but is also a seaworthy yacht. One sails the Essence 33 in the company of good friends. A day on the water, surrounded by freedom and luxury, with a nice glass of wine and a well-filled cool box. Both the interior as well as the deck will give you plenty of space for these purposes. Despite its considerable size, the ship can be trailered so there is no need to worry about expensive moorings in the warmer regions. You are manoeuvrable, flexible and free to go wherever you please.

essence 33 interior


The Essence is based on a beautiful design, with a tight interplay of lines and a sportive touch. The interior styling is perfectly suited, and includes a sophisticated finishing touch and surprising combination of materials. Of course we offer the oppurtunity to integrate your own preferences into the end result. We work primarily with hightech materials such as carbon, which is not only lightweight but also beautiful and strong. We create an exclusive appearance, which is both warm and welcoming, through the use of hand selected fabrics, colors, and stitching patterns. The standard layout utilizes every square centimeter and emphasizes the essence of the boat: class and quality.

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essence 33 exterior


The Essence is one with the fanatic sailor, who also wants to enjoy the good life. The exterior is prepared for spectacular sailing perfomance, but is also perfect for a sunny, lazy afternoon with one less sail in the bay. The seating comfort is excellent and is characterized by a natural nonchalance, with taut pillows in stylish shades. The teak deck has white accenting lines. Overall, simplicity dominates: what normally a lineage disturbs, has been eliminated, so nothing distracts the attention from the boat. The most important part is that everything is correct and is in balance with each other. Both the concept and styling of the Essence are like a classic jewel, but the technique is hypermodern.

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essence 33 specifications


Length hull 10.12 m
Length over all including bowsprit 11.17 m
Length hull at waterline 7.80 m
Beam over all 2.70 m
Draught standard 1.80 m
Draught optional 1.20 / 1.40 m
Displacement at empty weight 2.750 kg
Weight keel plus keel construction 850 kg

essence 33 rigging


Deck stepped mast carbon fibre
Mast section total length 12.32 m
Air draft 13.56 m
Chain plate 1.10 m
I measurement 12.15 m
J measurement 4.40 m
P measurement 11.20 m
E measurement 4.20 m