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De Essence 33 is op de HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show uitgeroepen tot Zeilboot van het Jaar 2014. wilde meer weten over de achtergrond daarvan en dus hielden zij een kort interview met Michel Hof aan boord van de Essence 33 in de Amsterdam RAI.

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essence 33 drawing

Essence 33

The Essence 33 was designed as a daysailer, but is also a seaworthy yacht. One sails the Essence 33 in the company of good friends. A day on the water, surrounded by freedom and luxury, with a nice glass of wine and a well-filled cool box. Both the interior as well as the deck will give you plenty of space for these purposes ...

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essence 44 drawing

Essence 44

With the size of a daysailer and the quality of of a superyacht, the Essence 44 was designed for the bon vivant with a keen eye for style and quality. They are sailing ships of astounding beauty, combined with all the modern sailing qualities. The signature of Hoek Design, the worldwide renowned architect ...

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essence 54

Essence 54

The Essence 54 is intended for the longer trips as she can sail the oceans. She is more of a performance cruiser, for the true sailing enthousiast who wants to make many nautical miles in his spare time. Again, with a large cockpit, a perfect finish and a well-tuned combination of performance and comfort ...

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essence 74 drawing

Essence 74

The Essence 74 is a cruiser pur sang. Quite a heavy ship compared to the other Essence sailing yachts, guaranteeing the desired stability at sea. All systems on board are tuned to a long and self-supportive stay on board. When sailing the oceans for several weeks, you want to feel safe and comfortable ...

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