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Classic Boat 2015

Essentie van zeilen. Als de Essence 33 een kind was, dan waren haar ouders een pilot cutter en een Wally yacht. Hoe werkt dat? Beter dan u zou denken ...

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craftmanship hoek design

Hoek Design

When you see the Essence 33 sailing for the first time, you will instantly recognize the hand of the master. André Hoek and Ruurt Meulemans, both from the internationally renowned Hoek Design, created both the design and the architecture of this sailing ship. Again, a style icon was created: a true symbol of perfection ...

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essence made in holland

Made in Holland

Holland has an unrivaled reputation in the field of quality boatbuilding. The Dutch know how to combine traditional skills with innovative technologies. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are characteristic of the professionals working at Essence Yachts. The high quality finish can be found in all the elements of our sailing ships ...

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essence quality in construction


Material stiffness is one of the key features of the Essence range, as part of the construction consists of carbon fibre structural grids and longitudinal stringers. These features add to the stiffness of the hul land ensure that a maximum performance can be reached in both hul land rig. One of the factors which sets ...

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