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Hoek Design

Hoek Design

When you see the Essence 33 sailing for the first time, you will instantly recognize the hand of the master. André Hoek and Ruurt Meulemans, both from the internationally renowned Hoek Design, created both the design and the architecture of this sailing ship. Again, a style icon was created: a true symbol of perfection.

“I myself was raised with sailing. As a child I was already fascinated by the ingenuity of the technique of these ships. Performance is always number one in our designs. Our bureau has built up an extensive experience in this area and we constantly invest in optimizing our ships. Hoek Design is renowned for its classically lined sailing yachts, combined with a modern underwater ship. Interior, exterior and deck should all go together harmoniously. That is why we always make scale models of all our designs, so that we can take a really good look at the end result, from every possible angle. It is that perfectionism that keeps bringing us a step further. We have no such thing as a standard model. Because every ship is always somewhat better and more beautiful than the one before. Going all the way, that is what drives us. Both in sporting qualities as well as in beauty. In the end, we really make a difference by our never ending attention for detail and eye for high quality. The devil is in the details and we have the Essence 33® to prove it”.

André Hoek (