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Quality in Construction

Quality in Construction

Material stiffness is one of the key features of the Essence range, as part of the construction consists of carbon fibre structural grids and longitudinal stringers. These features add to the stiffness of the hul land ensure that a maximum performance can be reached in both hul land rig.

One of the factors which sets the Essence range apart from other yachts, is the fact that much attention has been given to keeping yhe weight of the yacht as low and as central as possible. The batteries, as well as the water- and fuel tanks and the engine, are all located centrally and low down in the yacht. The result of this is a well-balanced yacht, which is truly a pleasure to sail.

State of the art design programs and 3D modeling have been used in designing the Essence range, to ensure the remarkable accuracy of the Essence range with features like the vacuum infusion and the sandwich construction with a high-density foam core.